My Health Diary

Give your child the gift of information!
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"My Health Diary" goes beyond the immunization and weight charts that practices have traditionally offered parents. This diary not only serves as a comprehensive and personalized record of your child's medical history, growth and development, but also contains information on developmental milestones, fever management, allergy prevention, child safety, positive parenting tips, as well as ways to inspire and nurture your child's early interest and ability in reading.

Our aim is to empower every parent in creating the optimal environment to ensure that your child achieves his/her full potential with the best start in life.

"My Health Diary" is to be jointly maintained by you and the paediatrician, so please record your questions and concerns about your child before each well baby/clinic visit. We will review with you your child's medical needs; including issues related to his/her specific attributes, developmental milestones, and other activities. Your concerns and questions will be discussed and addressed. Appropriate interventions and anticipatory guidance are provided, aiming at disease prevention and promoting health and well being of your child.

"My Health Diary" serves as a detailed record and effective vehicle of communication between the parents, the paediatrician and other health care professionals.

"My Health Diary" is a most precious gift you can give your child!!

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